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One of our latest products is the Varnishing_Machine. This machine can cope with high workloads, work under heavy pressure, and perform exceptional finishing. All of this with a small footprint and low energy usage, makes this machine very desirable. With many strengths and advantages our latest series will surely boost the productivity of any workshop.

Furthermore with rapid developments in technology, our latest machines are made using meticulous production processes to ensure compliance with the highest standards. If you need high performance machinery to meet all of your machining needs, then the machines from Jawo Sheng will surely impress you. Take the word of clients from all over the world who can attest to the exceptional quality and performance of our Varnishing_Machine.


Model JS-R-UV-1 JS-R-UV-2 JS-R-UV-3
Coating Area 1280 x 930 mm 1055 x 750 mm 920 x 667 mm
Coating Size 1285 x 1190 mm 1060 x 1020 mm 925 x 867 mm
Power Required 41 kw 41 kw 41 kw
Net Weight 7500 kg 6500 kg 6100 kg
Capacity / Hour 4000 pages 4000 pages 4000 pages
Machine Dimension 6290 x 2560 x 2800 mm 6120 x 2040 x 2685 mm 6120 x 1905 x 2685 mm