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Flexographic_Printing - JS-R-1

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  • The printing can be used by water base, local flatting, suitable for several purpose, especially for full surface cardboard and Kraft coated, the ink of printing surface will be dry quickly and conveniently after processing.
  • Machine design: sturdy structure and perfect function, divide into the top and the bottom base.
  • Roller structure: the mode of rubber roller plus scraper makes ink even and well mixed to increase printing quality.
  • The system of moisten printing plate: using a clutch to auto control. While adjusting, moisten the printing plate with a withdrawal roller, to save time and without ink to block the plate.
  • Patent product.


Model JS-R-1
Printing Area 1280 x 930 mm
Plate Size 1285 x 1190 mm
Power Required 41 kw
Net Weight 7400 kg
Capacity / Hour 4000 pages
Machine Dimension 6920 x 2560 x 2800 mm