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This Embossing_Machine from Jawo Sheng is a revolutionary, patented design that will deliver faster, higher quality embossing for a huge range of material applications and give you the competitive edge that you need in this high volume, highly competitive market.

This Embossing_Machine can emboss a wide range of materials with great precision to give you the competitive edge you need in gaining those valuable customer orders.

Our engineers and design experts put a strong emphasis on continual product improvement. By utilizing modern manufacturing processes and working closely with other likeminded manufacturers our newly developed Embossing_Machines are some of the best on the market right now. Look no further than us when it comes to high quality machine tools, accessories, and exceptional service.


Model JS-E2 JS-E3
Embossing Area 1055 x 750 mm 1280 x 930 mm
Embossing Pattern Size 1060 x 840 mm 1285 x 1010 mm
Power Required 40 kw 40 kw
Net Weight 6500 kg 7500 kg
Capacity / Hour 2400 pages 2400 pages
Machine Dimension 6240 x 2320 x 2110 mm 6240 x 2545 x 2110 mm

    Optional Equipment

    Vacuum Printing Frame

  • Model no. ES-AB3845
    Exposing Area 38" x 44½" (98 x 113 cm)
    Light Source 3000W
    Vacuum Pump ¼HP, High-speed, Oil-less, Low-noise Pump
    Power Source 380V/220V/AC 1Ø20AMP
    Net / Weight 280 kg
    Machine Size (W x D x H) 145 x 125 x 120 cm
  • Plate Uhirler

    Model no. ES-A2840
    Power 380V / 220V / AC-20AMP
    Net Weight 180 kg
    Machine Size (W x D x H) 156 x 156 x 92 cm
  • Machine Etchng

    Model no. ES-B2840
    Power 380V / 220V / AC-12AMP
    Net Weight 110 kg
    Machine Size (W x D x H) 145 x 84 x 118 cm
  • Plate Dryer

    Model no. ES-C2840
    Power 380V / 240V / AC-6KW
    Net Weight 220 kg
    Machine Size (W x D x H) 138 x 125 x 173 cm
  • Water Tank

    Model no. ES-D2840
    Material PVC Impact-proof Sheet
    Net Weight 80 kg
    Machine Size (W x D x H) 140 x 105 x 90 cm