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JS-1020EH2 Hot stamping &Embossing machine.

JAWO SHENG has developed an irreplaceable automatic Roller to Roller hot stamping & embossing machine. The machine has 5 features (A)Huge area of Hot stamping for Silver Or Gold Metallic Paper Cardboard :The European Union is proposing a ban on single-use plastics,JAWO SHENG hot stamping without plastic film , so canbe recyclable.(B) plastics such as PP and PET, there won’t be deformation after embossing and hot stamping, and the processing afterwards will be smoother (Flat hot stamping will be severely deformed). (C)Could be Print on Foil (as cold foil)(D)Add UV oil onto screen printing device and print on paper, and then proceed hot stamping of the paper.(E)The machine can be embossing, lines are Clear and even.